5 Best Neighborhoods in Boston

best areas to stay in boston

Boston is a populous city with many famous neighborhoods like Brookline. We have curated a list of the top areas that you can visit if you are traveling to Boston. The list is curated based on factors such as culture, nightlife, residential areas and the potential for Real Estate Property growth.

Bay Village

best areas to stay in boston

The historic streets of the Bay Village are paved with brick and light gas lamps at night. It is the smallest best area to stay in Boston. It is also the birthplace of the famous author Edgar Allan Poe. The neighborhood has many restaurants and night clubs. Given the proximity to the Theater district, it attracts many cinema fanatics. The popular restaurants in the area are Pigalle, Erbaluce, Smith and Wollensky. It is one of the best areas to stay in Boston.


Chinatown is one of the most vibrant centers of the Asian American community. It has many Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants. There are numerous festivals, which are held every year in this area, such as the August Moon festival. This festival has a street fair full of vendors and performances of music and martial arts and dance. There are many popular restaurants in the area such as the China Pearl and the Imperial Seafood House. They both serve dim sum and other Asian delicacies.  You can go on a shopping spree in the enormous Chinese market, Kam Man Foods.

Beacon Hill

best areas to stay in boston

It is one of the most desirable areas in Boston, as it has the Massachusetts State House, or the ‘Beacon Hill’. It has a neighborhood filled with federal-style townhouses and brick sidewalks. There are many universities in the area such as the Suffolk University. The area boasts of great bars and restaurants. To name a few local favorites, there is the  Toscano Restaurant, and other award-winning American restaurants such as the Paramount, scollay square, and the Chestnut.

Downtown Crossing

It is one of the most popular shopping districts and a strong residential community. It also boasts of large retailers and street vendors as well as popular restaurants. The area is ‘walking’ friendly and also has a few street where vehicles are not allowed. A very popular area in the neighborhood is the JM Curley.

North End

best areas to stay in boston

The North End is one of the oldest residential neighborhoods that formed in the year 1630. It is also known as Boston’s ‘Little Italy’ as it has a strong Italian community. Moreover, in the North End, you can witness parades and live music dedicated to the celebration of the Patron saints of Italy. In addition, you can also find a variety of public art words right from mosaics to elaborate sculptures. The popular restaurants in this area are the Giacomo’s Ristorante, a hub for the authentic Italian Fare.

If you are looking for the best area to stay in Boston, you must visit the aforementioned places  and then decide on the place of your liking.


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