5 Important Things You Should Know About Hug Day


Valentine’s week is a special week for all the lovebirds. The couples indulge themselves in the valentine’s week by celebrating them with their special someone. One of the days which ignites the real love between the two soulmates is undoubtedly Hug Day which is celebrated on 12th of February. Warm and comfortable hug will give you the best feeling. The hug is a traditional way of rendering respect & love in many parts of the world.

You can hug your parents, relatives, friends, lover to enjoy the relaxed and secure feel.Special hug with your loved ones will not only give you physical interaction but also helps you to increase the lifespan of your healthier life.5-10 seconds of hug a day with your loved ones will help you to lead your life with much happiness.

Every newborn child will be nourished and embraced in their mother’s arm. The child will feel protected and will receive the benefits of hugging. Hugging often will reduce stress . However, not everyone is gifted with the chance of getting hugs.

January 21st is celebrated as the National Hug day in various parts of the world.Feb 12 is celebrated as the Hug day by the valentines during the celebration of the Valentines week.Are you excited to know 5 important things about hug day?here are the benefits of hugging:

Increases the Heart Health: Usually, the child who receives the hug from their Ma will have 5 heart beats per minute which are normal.The child who is deprived of this facility will have 10 heart beats per minute which sometimes may lead to heart diseases.Hugg ing not only gives the warm and secure feeling but it will also increase the health of the heart.Hugg ing will help you to increase the bonding between moththe er and the child.


Hugging Can Reduce Stress and Fear: If you have gone through busy schedule and feeling stress, the better way to relieve your stress is to hug your loved one.6 seconds of a hug from your loved ones who care you so much will help you to reduce the cortisol hormone.This hormone will send the messages to your brain to reduce the tension and stress.Acco rding to studies, hugging will reduce the fear.Hence kids are usually fascinated towards hugging a teddy bear.


Improves Immune System: Hugging frequently will increase the strength of Immune system.People who receive frequent hug are free from the infections.A study was conducted, which reveals that the people who receive hugs often will have a great immune system when compared to others who didn’t.Hugging reduces the stress hormone which in turn will activate the immune cells to work efficiently.


Hugging Reduces the Pain: Hugging is the natural way to relieve the pain.Hormones like endorphin will be released during hugging will reduce the pain by providing sufficient blood supply to the soft tissues.Hugging will reduce the pain stimulating hormones.


Hugging reduces the depression: when you feel depressed and feel high, hug your loved one which will help you to come out of depression.Hugging will release serotonin, which is an antidepressant hormone which will reduce the depression.Hugging will create a bonding which will help to have happier lives.


Hugging is everyone’s cup of tea.Enjoy the benefits of hugging this Valentine’s week with your better half.Hugging 6 seconds a day can help you to increase your lifespan.






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