Inmotion Hosting Review 2020


InMotion Hosting is a very popular web hosting company with a loyal customer base that includes over 300,000 customer websites. Like all the other reviewed companies here, IMH offers several different shared web hosting plans suitable for every site need.

One feature that sets InMotion Hosting apart is their Speed Zone technology. They have multiple data centers, and you can choose the one closest to you. This allows for faster and more efficient service. They also have Max Speed Zones, which boast speeds of up to six times faster than average.

Benefits Of Using InMotion Web Hosting?

Shared Hosting:

With nine different hosting packages, every webmaster can choose the plan that best meets their current needs and upgrade as the needs of their site warrants it. Beginners with simple sites and minimal traffic can get a robust hosting package for just a few bucks per month. Even InMotion’s dedicated servers are competitively priced and affordable for webmasters with established sites.

The 90-day money-back guarantee allows you to give InMotion a long trial run before committing to their services. This speaks to the degree of confidence the company has in its services, as no web host offers a longer refund period. Refund rates are incredibly low, as InMotion is fully committed to satisfying their customers.

inmotion hosting review

Uptime & Performance

InMotion’s unique features make it a reliable choice for your business website. Maximum speed zones dramatically increase the loading and performance speed of your site, which is great for customers and improves search engine rankings.

The 99.9 percent uptime guarantee means your site will almost always be up and running. The choice of data center is another big plus, as it allows your site to run faster and more efficiently.

InMotion has partnered with a number of peering exchanges and service providers so they can provide direct data sharing and reliably faster Internet connections.

InMotion Hosting Review Summary

So, is In Motion Hosting any good?

  •  The GOOD: 90 days money-back guarantee. Best support in the industry. 99.9% uptime guarantee. Choice of server location.
  •  The NOT-SO-GOOD: Limited number of hosted domains. Not the cheapest. No instant account activation.

All in all, InMotion is among the most reputable and dependable hosting providers in the market. They offer robust hosting features, plenty of choices and competitive prices.


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