Pure VPN Review 2019


Of all the VPN providers on the market, PureVPN is one of those that offers best prices. As you visit the PureVPN homepage you will soon see that a 1-month package normally cost around 11 USD, the three-month package will cost you 24 USD, and normally the one-year package will cost you 70 USD. In the picture beneath they had a big discount, giving you the yearly package at only 36 USD per year.

purevpn pricing
The PureVPN prices in 2019

You should be aware of the fact that PureVPN often runs special offers and big discounts, so you might easily bump into a big discount and get better prices than the ones mentioned above.

PureVPN and what you get

As you sign up for the VPN services of PureVPN you will get access to all PureVPN servers all around the world, and that is quite a lot of servers. At the time of writing (January 2019) PureVPN has more than 2100 servers worldwide, present in more than 100 nations. All big and important nations are included, and they also have servers in quite some smaller and interesting nations. This makes them one of the biggest VPN providers on the market.

How to use PureVPN?

It is really easy to use PureVPN, and their VPN client is good both for the advanced and the beginner user. You can easily choose a mode for your needs (see the screenshot beneath), and then you can connect to whatever server or purpose you are interested in.

Here are some other things included as you sign up for a subscription with PureVPN:

  • 5 multiple logins, meaning that you can use the same subscription at up to 5 different devices at the same time (no other VPN provider has such an offer).
  • They support the following protocols: PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN & IKEv2, and also the Stealth Protocol.
  • Users can switch between all servers as much as they want to.

PureVPN – speeds

We have tested the speeds of PureVPN several times throughout the years, and they are actually getting better and better. During our PureVPN speed test in December 2018, they did very well and you can see the full results of the test in this article.

During that test, we had our own download speed around 500 Mbps, and after connecting to the PureVPN servers we got download speeds varying between 8 Mbps and 215 Mbps. Based on our tests then, we must say that PureVPN should serve you well if you want to use a VPN provider that doesn’t slow your Internet connection down like crazy. If speed is of the essence, connect to one of the faster servers (based on your own experience).

PureVPN logging policy

Are you worried about the logging policy of PureVPN? Based on their own privacy policy, this is what they have to tell.

We DO NOT keep any record of your browsing activities, connection logs, records of the VPN IPs assigned to you, your original IPs, your connection time, the history of your browsing, the sites you visited, your outgoing traffic, the content or data you accessed, or the DNS queries generated by you.

In other words, they do not log your activity, they do not know which IP addresses you have used, nor your original IP address, nor which websites you visit, and nothing about what you actually do.

PureVPN for unblocking

PureVPN is working hard to be one of the best VPN providers on the market for unblocking websites. As you open the application, you can immediately find a list of channels streaming services you can unblock using PureVPN. This makes it very easy to unblock websites, because you simply select the streaming service you are interested in, and PureVPN will make sure you connect to a server that works with the given streaming service.

It is super-easy to unblock streaming services with PureVPN
It is super-easy to unblock streaming services with PureVPN

To be honest, if you want to unblock different streaming services, PureVPN probably has the client on the market that makes it easiest to bypass geo-blocks and to unblock different streaming services. They also work with American Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Now and big-name streaming services in the USA.

PureVPN conclusion

If you need a VPN provider and want one with good speeds, lots of servers and easy to use, then PureVPN might be what you are looking for. If you want to use the subscription on several devices simultaneously, then PureVPN is a great option. If you want to sign up for a VPN provider with a good money back policy then PureVPN has one valid for 31-days. The are also have the best VPN client on the market for unblocking streaming sites. Click the button beneath to visit their website.


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